Cyber42 Game Day: Vulnerability Management Simulation

In this 90-min session you will play to win the Cyber42 Vulnerability Management Simulation as you try to improve the state of a fictional organization and more effectively handle the vulnerability management. During the game, as developed for MGT516: Managing Security Vulnerabilities: Enterprise and Cloud, you will see that the actions you choose can have uncertain and even unintended consequences.

This interactive simulation puts you in real-world scenarios that spur discussion, critical thinking of situations, and melding of different points of view and personalities that likely will encounter at work. The decisions your team makes will impact your organizations vulnerability management program, leveraging and impacting the available budget, time, and vulnerability management maturity.

Winning the game is simple. You need to have the highest score, which represents how well you have adapted and implemented the vulnerability management program. It's not just about implementing security controls, it's about changing behaviors and culture to create lasting improvements.

The Cyber42 game was originally developed for MGT512: Security Leadership Essentials for Managers and is now part of multiple SANS Cybersecurity Leadership courses. Free Cyber42 Game Days are offered monthly to the entire community. Review the 2021 schedule here.


Cyber42 Game Day will utilize three different platforms:

  1. Webinar: Log in via your SANS Portal account.
  2. Slack: Used for all discussion between presenters and audience, as well as among participants. Directions will be provided 1 week prior to event and at the beginning of the event.
  3. Cyber42 Web Application is the digital game board that all participants will use to answer the questions in the game and keep track of the scoreboard. Joining directions will be provided at the start of Game Day.