SANS Security Awareness Solutions

Build and mature your security awareness program with a comprehensive, data-driven approach to training for everyone in your organization.

Change User Behavior with Training for All

Dynamic and effective multilingual computer-based training and games teach vital security behaviors, ensuring every employee is engaged. With different Training Styles to match your corporate culture, employee comprehension levels and learning preferences, SANS EndUser Training equips your workforce to recognize and prevent current cyber threats. Each Style supports a specific audience or training goal.  


Drive a Culture of Phishing Awareness

Consistently reinforce the importance of security and create a top-notch defense against any kind of phishing attack. SANS offers comprehensive phishing training modules, games, and engagement materials to provide the reinforcement and remediation your organization needs. Make employees aware of the methods cyber-attackers use to get information. Through tiered link or attachment-based, data entry, or reply-to phishing simulations, your employees will be able to identify, report, and prevent phishing attacks.

Get Security Awareness Training Specific to your Industry

As organizations increase their online footprint, cybersecurity training is essential for all. Some sectors require even greater specialized training, such as protecting PHI, understanding NERC CIP policy requirements, or handling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) incidents. SANS Security Awareness provides industry-specific training in addition to addressing the core human behavior risk topics.
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Use Any Learning Management System

All training modules are SCORM, meaning you can use your organization’s SCORM-compliant Learning Management System if you have one or train your employees on the SANS-hosted platform, Litmos. Add our training modules to your custom content to build the security awareness program specific to your organization’s needs.

6 Reasons to Pick SANS Security Awareness

Expertise. SANS Subject Matter Experts and Adult Learning Designers are unparalleled. In all aspects of cybersecurity, SANS has experienced and seasoned professionals at the forefront. These professionals are at the center of SANS Security Awareness, driving the topics and training that are proven to impact organizations.
Compliance. Regularly training your employees is a critical component of compliance and security. SANS Security Awareness Online Training addresses a variety of compliance topics to meet regulatory requirements.
Culture. Cyber-attack and breach prevention happens when an organization has a culture of security awareness. When employees feel informed and empowered to recognize and address cyber risks, they can protect your organization. SANS Security Awareness addresses the core human risk areas to teach your organization how to detect and prevent cyber-attacks.  
Metrics. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your security awareness program with objective data with the Cyber Risk Insight Suite and Phishing Solutions. Through continual simulation and testing, measure where your employees need reinforcement and how your program is succeeding.
Customization. You know your organization. Tailor your security awareness training program to meet your specific needs. With each of our product lines, you can select the specific modules that affect your organization.
Flexibility. Administer SANS Security Awareness Online Training utilizing any SCORM-compliant Learning Management System. If your organization already conducts workforce training in your own LMS, easily include SANS Security Awareness Online Training in your program. If your organization does not have an LMS or prefers to keep security awareness training separate, utilize the SANS-hosted platform to manage your security awareness program.