ICS Engineer Technical Awareness Training

Role-based training to deliver the insights and skills necessary to protect critical infrastructure against an evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Designed to not merely educate but to empower, SANS new ICS Engineer training modules will bolster the cybersecurity capabilities of individuals working in critical infrastructure environments, enabling them to tackle the increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats with confidence and efficacy. This innovative learning initiative is authored and hosted by renowned experts Tim Conway and Dean Parsons, and is designed to serve as a critical resource for organizations in Industrial Control and Operational Technology domains.

ICS Security Awareness Training Is Critical

The frequency and severity of ICS security incidents are on the rise, with nearly half of ICS networks having faced some kind of cyberattack. Make sure this isn’t the case for your organization. With best-in-breed security training, engineers and other staff who interact with ICS can move beyond the concept of “think secure” and actually adopt behaviors to help prevent compromise in the first place.
From administrative staff to ICS practitioners and even leadership teams, these precision-tailored modules equip all with the know-how to operate in today's dynamic cyber threat landscape.

ICS Training Modules

  • ICS Intro
  • ICS Overview
  • ICS Attack Scenario
  • ICS Ukraine Attack
  • ICS Spear Phishing
  • Service Delivery Through System Impacts
  • ICS Awareness
  • ICS Removeable Media
  • ICS Drivers and Constraints
  • ICS Overview of Attacks
  • ICS Attack Surfaces
  • ICS Server Security
  • ICS Network Security
  • ICS System Maintenance
  • ICS Incident Handling
  • Control Systems
  • Transient Cyber Assets
  • OT Ransomware
  • VPN Filter Attack Information Assurance
  • ICS Supply Chain Risk