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LDR433: Managing Human Risk

Cybersecurity is no longer just a technical challenge but also a human one, people play a role in 80% of all breaches. For most organizations their biggest challenge has become human risk management. This course enables security professionals to effectively build, manage and measure their human risk by changing and securing their workforce's behaviors. Students are provided a structured roadmap with a step-by-step strategy on how to engage and secure their workforce, to include seven highly interactive team labs and the course Digital Download Package. In addition, this is the only SANS short course to provide a credential, the industry recognized SSAP.

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LDR521: Security Culture for Leaders

This Security Culture for Leaders course will teach and enable today's cybersecurity leaders to build, manage, and measure a strong security culture. Cybersecurity leadership is no longer just about technology. It is ultimately about culture - not only what people think and feel about security but how they act, from the Board of Directors to every corner of the organization. As a result of this cyber security culture course, students will not only create an engaged and far more secure workforce, but also lead more effective and successful security initiatives. In addition, students will apply everything they learn through a series of 12 interactive team labs, numerous case studies and the Cyber42 leadership simulation capstone.

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