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SANS Security Awareness offers customizable, expert-authored security awareness training with a focus on measurable outcomes for organizations to change user behavior and reduce risk.

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EndUser training is built from a curated selection of the most pressing risk and compliance topics to address employee security behaviors. Authored by SANS experts and designed by adult learning specialists, our engaging, modular, and multilingual content reduces training fatigue and increases comprehension by tailoring your security awareness training program to the issues relevant to your organization.

Instead of digging through a crowded catalog of frivolous content, select the topics that matter most to your organization while adhering to your corporate culture and organizational needs. With short, modular, multilingual, expert-developed content provided in a variety of formats, eliminate training burnout by tailoring your security awareness training program to relevant issues and timing requirements.

Focus on your program outcomes, not surfing through endless modules.

SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model

Measure Your Program Maturity

Established in 2011 through a coordinated effort by over 200 security awareness officers, the SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model® has become the industry standard which organizations use to not only benchmark the maturity of their program, but leverage as a strategic roadmap to both plan and communicate the impact of their program. What makes this model so powerful is that organizations can quickly determine why their program may not be having the impact they want, proven steps they can take to mature their program, and how to communicate the value of the program to their leadership.

The SANS Security Awareness Roadmap: Managing Your Human Risk eBook builds on the Maturity Model by defining each stage and describing the steps to achieve them. Both the Maturity Model and roadmap have been used by hundreds of organizations as a framework for building their program, ultimately enabling them to effectively manage their human risk.

WhatWorks in Reducing Time to Detect Through Security Awareness Training and Testing

Reduce time to detect, mitigate and restore from ransomware attacks During this SANS WhatWorks program, SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends John Pescatore interviews Nick Adams, Senior Information Security Analyst from Guidewire Software to gain his insight on what he went through in the business justification details and deployment of SANS Security Awareness Training offerings.

Training for All

Dynamic, effective computer-based training styles match your corporate culture, employee comprehension levels and learning preferences.

Your LMS or Ours

Deploy SANS Security Awareness training in your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline your security awareness training with other corporate trainings or use the SANS-hosted platform. We’ve partnered with Litmos to provide you with an award-winning Learning Management System that offers the best user experience in the industry for both administrators and learners. Easily create and deliver training anytime, anywhere, and on any device with robust tracking and reporting at every step. Measure effectiveness and grow your program from one central location.