Security Awareness Summit & Training 2021

FREE Summit: August 5-6 Training: August 3-4 & August 9-14

Expertise Matters

SANS is the most trusted and largest source for information security training and security certification in the world—leverage our best-in-class Security Awareness solutions to transform your organization’s ability to measure and manage human risk.

Risk Measured is Risk Managed™

Find a new way to get the right security awareness training to the right people. Reduce program cost, eliminate unneeded training, and create metrics to benchmark your human cyber risk.


2021 SANS Security Awareness Report™

The 6th Annual SANS Security Awareness Report™ identifies and benchmarks how organizations are Managing Human Risk. Use data-driven insights and downloadable tools to move your program and career to the next level.

Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt 2021

Create a Team of Cyber Heroes and Shield Your Organization from Cyberattacks! 

Humans, while sometimes considered the weakest link in an organization's cyber defenses, are in reality, the most powerful shield a company can leverage against cyberattacks. With the right training and support, you can turn your workforce into the best line of defense — all working together towards the same mission of defending against cyber criminals and creating a secure environment.

We’ve teamed up with Security Awareness expert Neaka Lynn Balloge to build a fun, engaging, and ready-to-launch scavenger hunt that will engage your employees and reinforce key security policies. 


Secure Your Employees in the New Remote Work World

Expert tips, best practices, and free resources to share with your employees to help protect their work-from-home environments in this digital transformation era. Now more than ever, we need to enable our employees to be the best line of defense and equip them with the right tools to combat persistent and evolving cybersecurity threats and risks.

Available in over 20 languages and free for organizations and individuals, the SANS Security Awareness Work-from-Home Deployment Kit covers everything you need to know to protect your business, your employees, and their families, so that everyone can work and learn from home securely.


Security Awareness Planning Toolkit

This Planning Kit gives you what you need to quickly build or improve your Security Awareness Program using resources developed and proven by the world-renowned and trusted experts in the SANS Security Awareness Community. Whether you are new to awareness and just starting to build an awareness program, or are highly experienced and looking to improve your existing awareness program—this is the Toolkit for you!


Take Your Career to the Next Level with the Security Awareness Professional Credential

Grow your program. Advance your career. The SANS Security Awareness Professional (SSAP) credential will identify you as an expert in your industry.

That was so easy. That’s what you’ll be saying when you work with us to develop your security awareness training program. On any learning management system, anywhere in the world.


"SANS Security Awareness is one of the best security awareness programs I have seen in my 20+ years as a technologist." - James Gentile, CIO , Arizona Medical Board

Protect your organization. Keep your learners sharp. Get a custom demo for the most relevant security awareness training program that fits your needs.