Role-Based Technical Awareness Training

Targeted, short-format technical training designed to reinforce security best practices across specialized teams.

Tailored Training for Highly Targeted Employees

As organizations increase their online footprint, cybersecurity training is essential for all. Some sectors require even greater specialized training, such as secure coding principles, protecting network infrastructure, understanding NERC CIP policy requirements, or handling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) incidents. SANS Security Awareness provides industry-specific training in addition to addressing the core human behavior risk topics.
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NEW! Deliver Leadership-level Security to Secure your Teams

Security Essentials for Business Leaders and Managers is the newest offering in SANS’ growing portfolio of role-based modular cybersecurity training. Ten in-depth modules are designed to equip corporate leaders with the knowledge and skills to secure their business processes, fostering a strong security culture within their teams.

Short-Format Technical Training

Why Enterprises Need Security Awareness Training for IT Professionals

With misconfigurations by IT staff becoming a leading cause of data breaches, computer-based security training isn’t just for end users. Download our latest white paper to learn more about how short-format technical training should be your first step in reducing misconfiguration errors.

Short-format Technical Awareness Training

The current climate of misconfiguration-fueled data breaches has led to a pressing need within the world of security awareness training – short-form, computer-based training to keep security top of mind for technical staff. These modular, self-paced courses are ideal for delivering task-specific training in a short-form, easily digestible format to technical professionals advance their security knowledge. The progressive learning paths featured within our technical training modules feature with real-world use cases and the expert identification and mitigation techniques only SANS can deliver.