Web Application Security Awareness Training

Role-based and progressive training paths geared towards all involved in the development process. Create a secure culture and ecosystem to mitigate vulnerabilities in critical web applications.

Design, Code, Test with Secure SDLC

With SANS Developer Training, we clarify the challenges in continuous deployment around the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Teach learners what to watch for in every stage of agile development and ensure your entire team - from developers, to architects, managers and testers to create web applications in a secure environment, and where to place the best security protection for your apps.

Training for Your Entire Development Team

By educating everyone involved in the software development process including developers, architects, managers, testers, business owners, and partners, you reduce the chances that your organization will become a victim of today’s data security threats and attacks, and ensure that your team can properly build defensible applications from the start.

Security Training that Covers OWASP Top 10 Critical Web App Risks

Injection, Broken Access Control, Insufficient Logging & Monitoring - these are just a few of the OWASP top 10 topics covered in SANS Developer Training. Just as OWASP top 10 focus is on identifying the most significant web app risks for organizations, we’re committed to providing comprehensive training that negates an attacker’s entry and allows developers to build apps that protect against data breaches.
Build Defensible Applications
Teach Top Design Flaws
Satisfy PCI Compliance
Adopt a Culture of Secure App Development

Comprehensive training that addresses fundamentals to advanced OWASP vulnerabilities, to negate an attacker’s entry, allowing developers to build apps that protect against data breaches

Learn and understand common design flaws to build products with security protection in mind, proactively mitigate threats at the beginning of the design cycle

Section 6.5 of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) instructs auditors to verify that processes exist that require training in secure coding techniques for developers. However, our training goes a step beyond compliance in offering secure coding techniques.

Specialized multi-year training paths to teach the entire team — from developers, to architects, managers and testers — involved in any stage of agile development cycle


Securely Develop Web Applications

When producing secure code for web applications, developers often use one of five popular modern programming languages. In our infographic we show you how these languages can be impacted by the Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities and how to mitigate the risks.