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Statistics reveal that most organizations have a neurodiverse workforce. In this conversation we’re seeking to better understand the opportunities and challenges of our neurodiverse cybersecurity workforce. Studies have shown that neurodivergent employees thrive in the field of cybersecurity and we are going to have a discussion with a renowned neurodiversity expert as well as a CISO who identifies as neurodivergent to discuss this important but under-covered topic. Tune in to learn how to accommodate and consequently harness the superpowers of this long misunderstood population of intelligent employees and job candidates while decreasing the much maligned talent gap in the process.

Seat at the Table

With Jerich Beason, CISO of Commercial Bank, Capital One A Seat at the Table is a show dedicated to helping cyber leaders earn a seat at the table, keep a seat at the table and add value while sitting there.

Leading Cyber in a Neurodiverse Workforce

Cynthia Coupe(CEO for nuerodiversity advancement) & Carraig Stanwyck (Neurodiverse CISO)

Oct 26

CISOs Can Report to CIOs and Be Successful

Becky Vasquez, CIO & David Mashburn, CISO: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Sept 28

Changing the Paradigm of Cyber Risk Oversight

Chris Hetner, former cyber advisor for the US Securities & Exchange CommissionAug 24

Security Conversations That Matter

Dmitry Somolovskiy, CISO, Avid

July 27
Fireside Chat with Caroline WongCaroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer, CobaltJune 22
Cyber Executive Communications Masters Class

Stephanie Bickel, Managing Director, Speak by Design

May 25

Promoted From CISO to CIO

Sarah Urbanowicz is Chief Information Officer at AECOM (NYSE:ACM)

April 27
Hiring and Mentoring

Olivia Rose, CISO, VP of IT & Security at Amplitude

April 13

First 90 Days as CISOTyler Farrar, CISO, ExabeamMarch 9
Trust and Emotional IntelligenceNaomi Buckwalter, vCISO | Director of Information Security | Nonprofit DirectorFeb 23
Top Cybersecurity Risks 2022Jamil Farshchi, CISO, EquifaxFeb 9

Break Boxes and Build Teams

Kurt John, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Siemens USAJan 26, 2022

What Keeps You Up at Night

With Norm Levine, Expert in: TPRM - Vendor Risk Management - Data Privacy - Information Security - IT Auditing Featuring individuals that make a positive difference in our community of Information Technology professionals and others outside of IT.
Criminal Justice and National Cyber SecurityLuke Dembosky, Partner and Co-Chair of Data Strategy & Security at Debevoise & PlimptonMay 4
Technologies Disrupting Financial Audit ProcessFelix Ramirez, Partner, CitrinCooperman AdvisorsApril 6
Solid on the BasicsWalter Kerner, Asst VP and CISO, LinkedInMarch 9
It's All About the DataNate Rackiewicz, Chief Data Officer, GannettFeb 2
What Keeps You Up at NightWerner Erasmus, Partner/Principal Consulting, Ernst & YoungJan 12, 2022

What Keeps You Up at Night

Marshall Heilman, Exec VP & CTO, MandiantDec 8, 2021

What Keeps You Up at Night

Mark Lobel, Principal, PwCNov 2, 2021

What Keeps You Up at Night

James Beeson, CISO, Cigna Inc.

Oct 6, 2021

Leadership Water Cooler

With Jonathan Risto, SANS Certified Instructor
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