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What Do Students Say About Their SANS Training Experience?

SANS training, if not the best, is one of the best in the industry. I love everything about this class, labs, and material. I hope to take other SANS classes after this.
Rafael Mation
- EY
Extremely content rich and so valuable. Best course I have taken for real world application.
Matthew Schmolke
- SEC555 Student - BT
The instructor’s knowledge and teaching style is excellent and the content is pitched perfectly. I will be able to transfer the skills I’ve learned here into my daily work.
Christopher Jones
- Fujitsu
I'd recommend OnDemand as a good learning experience; you can train when you have free time. The instructor was able to relate real life scenarios and the quizzes help with self assessment.
Sandeep Maruge
Fantastic, passionate & engaging! The instructor supplemented the course content with experience related scenarios, improving the learning experience and making it extremely interesting.
Eliza-May Austin
- Visa, Inc.