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Cybersecurity Training and Certification

Find Your Path. Build and Develop a Cyber Team. Prove Your Knowledge. The SANS Promise: You will be able to use the skills you've learned in our training and programs immediately.

Multiple Training Formats

SANS courses come in three primary formats to fit your schedule, budget, and preferred learning style.

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you’re new to SANS or unsure of the subject area or skill level to select for your next training course, SANS offers free one-hour course previews via our OnDemand platform. You can also explore our interactive Training Roadmap to find the right courses for your immediate cyber security skill development and for your long-term career goals.

What Students Say About Their SANS Training Experience

Private Training has been advantageous for our security training. The instructors have been great and the students enjoy being in class with colleagues that share concerns and duties for ongoing security projects.
Tonya Henderson
Health & Human Services
Summits are a great way to meet and talk to the trail blazers; the individuals who each in their own way help shine a light for the rest of the community.
Michael Decker
- ViaSat, Inc.
Having an SME instructor with tons of real-world experience makes the course material easy to digest, and the Live Online platform is the best platform I've experienced!
Jeremy Swanson
- ManTech
I love OnDemand. My employer doesn't always have the funds available to send me to a live course and it has tons of material to digest, so being able to go at my own pace really helped."
John Ohmer
- Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
The labs are giving me a chance to see the course content first hand and interact with it. It's doing a good job of letting me play with it and really seeing how the tools and methodologies work.
Ryan Moeller
- Eureka Strategic Consulting
The best part of SANS training is the absolute knowledge of the instructors. They bring real-world examples to the forefront and have their thumb on the pulse of current tactics used by attackers.
Jessie Prevost
- Trend Micro