US Department of Defense 8140 Mandate

DoD Soldier Computer

What is DoDD 8140?

The updated DoD 8140 Qualification Program, implemented February 2023, provides a comprehensive approach to managing cyber workforce talent. It establishes baseline standards for qualifications that directly support operational needs and workforce readiness. With the expansion of the DoD 8140 Cyber Workforce Qualification Program, around 225,000 military, civilian, and contractor positions will have foundational and residential qualification criteria for each DoD Cyber Workforce Framework role. These roles align with our GIAC cybersecurity focus areas, including Cyber Defense, Forensics, Management, Cloud, and Offensive Operations, offering options that equip individuals with real-world skills and testing. This strategy and program aim to enable the DoD to develop and deploy an agile, capable, and ready cyber workforce.


Who is Affected by DoDD 8140

All DoD personnel assigned to positions requiring the performance of cyberspace work, in accordance with the DoD Cyberspace Workforce Framework (DCWF). This includes Service members, DoD civilian employees (including non-appropriated fund employees), personnel who provide contracted services (referred to in this issuance as "contractors"), and foreign nationals. 

  • Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Military Departments
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Combatant Commands
  • Office of the Inspector General of the DoD
  • US Coast Guard
  • Defense Agencies
  • DoD Field Activities
  • All other organizational entities in the DoD

DoDD 8140 Requires:

  • Foundational Qualification
    • Proficiency Levels - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
    • Options - Certification (GIAC), Training (SANS) and Education (SANS EDU)
  • Residential Qualification
    • On the Job Qualification - Always Required
    • Environment-Specific Requirements - Component Discretion
  • Annual Maintenance
    • Certification CPE's (Keep Current) or 20 Hours Annually

Compliance Timeline:

  • DoD Cybersecurity Workforce
    • Foundational - 15 February 2025
    • Residential - 15 February 2026
  • DoD Cyberspace IT, Cyberspace Effects, Intelligence (Cyberspace), and Cyberspace Enabler Workforce Elements
    • Foundational - 15 February 2026
    • Residential - 15 February 2027

Approved GIAC Certifications and Corresponding Affiliate Training*

*Additional certification options are continuously being added to the DoD8140 Directive.


Read what others have to say about SANS Training.
As our C4 systems become netcentric and more linked with our weapons systems, it is essential that our IA workforce be up to the task of securing our networks. I am proud to be on the cyber defense line with such a competent industry partner that understands the needs of the defense department and is willing to work with us to help accomplish this difficult task.
Mike Knight
- Naval NetWar Command
Training offered by SANS pertains to best practices so rubber hits the road.
Michael Emmons
As part of the Raytheon IIS Information Security Engineering group, we send nearly all of our new hires through the SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp training classes to ensure they have the fundamental skills necessary to work in our environment. We view GIAC certifications as an essential part of this process. GIAC Certification helps ensure both our management and our customers that our employees understand how to build secure systems.
Monty McDougal
- Raytheon