SANS CyberTalent Assessments

Get the data and insights you need to build and improve your team's performance.

Web-Based Assessment Tools

SANS offers nine web-based assessment tools that provide cybersecurity managers with information and data to better manage their team’s skills and performance, improve their hiring efforts, and make their training investment more productive.

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CyberTalent Assessments are sold in quantities of 25 or greater. The CyberTalent Enhanced (CTE) Assessments are $200/assessment. All other CyberTalent Assessments are $150/assessment. Click here to purchase a pack of assessments.

CyberTalent Assessments: GIAC Program Rules

All SANS CyberTalent assessments are delivered online via the GIAC Certification exam engine. Any individual or candidate completing a SANS CyberTalent Assessment is bound by the GIAC Program Rules which include the GIAC Candidate Agreement and the GIAC Disability Policy.

GIAC provides reasonable accommodations to ensure all individuals with disabilities have a fair and equal opportunity, appropriate to the candidate's diagnosis and needs. GIAC applies the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act to both international and domestic candidates alike. Please see the GIAC Disability Accommodation Policy for more information. For inquiries prior to application for a Disability Accommodation, please contact

Why Our Customers Use SANS CyberTalent Assessments

Leadership. The most trusted source for cybersecurity knowledge. SANS is the most trusted, and the largest source for information security training and security certification in the world. SANS CyberTalent Assessments are built on the over 25 years of being at the forefront of cybersecurity.
Better Team Management. What gets measured, gets managed. CyberTalent Assessments gives you a tool that identifies your team's specific needs, reveals your team's skill portfolio, and helps you make decisions that best meet your specific needs. You can benchmark your team, develop personal development plans, and improve the productivity of your training investment.
Reduce Hiring Costs. Too expensive to fail. The cost of hiring mistakes in cybersecurity is exceptionally high. Managers can't afford to get it wrong. SANS CyberTalent Assessments provide more information and better insight which results in a lower risk of costly hiring mistakes.
Prepare for Today's Threats. Know your team's skills are current. The threat landscape changes daily and dramatically. SANS CyberTalent Assessments ensure your team is ready for today's threats.
Ensure Your Contractor's Skills. Be certain you have the help you need. The growth in demand for cybersecurity positions means managers often bring in contractors to fill short term needs. SANS CyberTalent Assessments provide a reliable, effective way to be sure you have the help you need.


Read what others have to say about our CyberTalent Assessments.
With the increase in complexity and frequency of cyber-attacks, recruiting individuals who not only understand the current threat landscape but trends for future attacks is paramount. In correlation with the VetSuccess program, the SANS Cyber Talent Enhanced (CTE) Assessment has been an excellent tool in helping us identify high-potential talent who will thrive in the cybersecurity field.
Scott Sherrell
Former ALVA Technical Team Lead
We use CyberTalent Assessments as a recruitment tool during our hiring process as well as for assessing and determining training opportunities for our existing employees. Using the Assessments during the hiring process has been very beneficial for allowing us to understand a candidate's skill level.
Jake Dorval
Suite Practice Manager & Acting Global Services Product Lead (SPL) - NetWitness® Suite - RSA® NetWitness®
We used the CyberTalent Assessments to benchmark current staff. The tool has helped us identify which areas to focus on from a training perspective.
Ross Durrer
- Deloitte & Touche LLP