Robust Phishing Awareness Simulation Training that Changes Behavior

Consistently reinforce the importance of security and create a top-notch defense against any kind of phishing attack.

Reduce Human Risk

An important and effective way to promote awareness and change behavior is to include phishing simulation in your cyber security awareness training program. Through phishing simulation, you will be able to discover where you have risk, communicate how phishing should be handled in your organization, and promote safe email practices.

Proven results with real-world phishing simulation

Keep your employees at the highest level of security awareness through continuous training and testing. The platform allows you to control every aspect of your phishing awareness program, with pre-configured or customizable phishing tests, just-in-time training, and automated remedial courses.

Use our expertise to mature your program and create a culture of progressive accountability

Phishing and security awareness subject matter expert, Cheryl Conley has joined SANS Security Awareness to lead our Phishing innovations. With CISSP and SANS Security Awareness Professional (SSAP) certifications, Cheryl led the teams responsible for deploying an enterprise-wide cyber security awareness program targeting end users based on real-life attack vectors across a complicated enterprise.

Cheryl’s expert publications will guide you through the process of baselining your risk, maturing your program and developing a culture where users are trained and encouraged in their role as cyber heroes.

From 30% click-rate for basic phishing assessment to 2% for advanced assessments

”Craig has been instrumental in the success of the Security Awareness program ... We simply would not be where we are today without him; his knowledge and support has significantly augmented our small team and the Security Awareness program delivery."

Metrics that Matter

Are we more susceptible to attacks using familiar business systems? Are we at risk of our financial data being compromised from phishing? Do our users offer personal data when prompted? Is BEC a risk for us?

Learn all of this and more with our robust reporting.

Phishing and Social Engineering Training

  • Just-In-Time Training Pages (upon failure)
  • Infographics
  • Posters and Factsheets
  • Training Modules
  • Micro-Videos
  • Interactive Training and Mini-Games

Drive a Culture of Phishing Awareness

The Phishing Program Progression Path is based on the SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model™. The Maturity Model enables organizations to identify where their security awareness program is currently at, as well as where to concentrate efforts and resources, driving the program to the next level. Your phishing program progresses along a similar path. As your workforce matures in their understanding of general security awareness, they can also mature their understanding of phishing attacks and the various techniques employed.