SANS Cyber Ranges

SANS Cyber Ranges provides an essentials step in your cybersecurity training, allowing you to apply your skills and gain practical experience in an interactive and isolated environment, with no real-world risk, built by industry-leading SANS instructors.

Why SANS Cyber Ranges?

Cyber Ranges are an essential step for any individual or team.

  • Cyber Ranges mimic realistic security threats and reduce response times
  • Isolated environments ensure practical results withouts real-world risks
  • Cyber Ranges are updated frequently to ensure the latest exploits and systems are covered
  • Team-based challenges boost collaboration, develop leadership skills and help retain talent
  • Custom SANS Cyber Ranges are tailored to your team and environments

Private Ranges for your Team

Select a private cyber range experience for your team to assess or advance their skills to meet the unique needs of your organization. SANS will help you to:

  • Define Learning Objectives
  • Develop Scorecards
  • Configure Content & Platform

    Core NetWars Tournament Winter 2022

    Join hundreds of Cybersecurity experts from around the world to participate in our quarterly virtual Core Netwars Tournament. This is open to all SANS Students and will feature Netwars Core V7 challenges. Play solo or as a team and earn 6 CPEs.

    Upcoming Cyber Ranges

    All scheduled ranges are online. Registration opens the Monday before the cyber range unless otherwise noted. To register, log into your SANS account and look for the range registration message at the top of your dashboard.

    Core Continuous


    4-Month Continuous Subscription Cyber Range, for All Skill Levels

    DFIR Continuous



    4-Month Continuous Subscription Cyber Range, for All Skill Levels

    Holiday Hack Challenge

    Opens 2nd week of December

    Runs for a month

    SANS' gift to the cyber community - Open to all for free! Learn more about Holiday Hack Challenge and KringleCon here.

    DFIR NetWars

    Jan. 13-14

    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm GMT

    Complimentary with Live Online Europe January 2022, Threat Hunting London 2022, SANS Frankfurt December 2021, SANS SEC504 Helsinki December 2021 and SANS Bahrain December 2021 4-6 day courses

    Core NetWars

    Jan. 27-28

    6:30pm - 9:30pm CET

    Complimentary with Live Online Europe January 2022 Volume 2 and SANS Amsterdam January 2022 4-6 day courses

    DFIR NetwarsFeb. 3-4

    6:30pm - 9:30pm EST

    Complimentary with Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit & Training 2022 - In-Person and Live Online 4-6 day courses

    Core NetWars

    Feb. 10-11

    6:30pm - 9:30pm GMT

    Complimentary with Live Online Europe February 2022 Volume 1, SANS Paris January 2022 and SANS London February 2022 4-6 day courses

    DFIR NetWars

    Mar 10-11

    6:30 pm - 9:30pm GMT

    Complimentary with SANS London March 2022, SANS Doha March 2022, SANS Vienna March 2022, Live Online February 2022 Column 2 and SANS Munich February 2022 4-6 day courses

    Core NetWarsMar. 17-186:30pm - 9:30pm ESTComplimentary with SANS Baltimore Spring 2021
    Cyber Defense NetWarsMar. 17-187:15 pm - 10:15 pm ESTComplimentary with SANS Baltimore Spring 2021

    Cyber Defense NetWars

    Mar. 24-25

    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm CET

    Complimentary with Live Online March 2022 Volume 2, SANS Paris March 2022, SANS Cloud Security Amsterdam 2022, SANS Cloud Security Europe Online 2022 4-6 day courses

    Core NetwarsMar. 31 - Apr. 16:30pm - 9:30pm ESTComplimentary with SANS Pen Test Austin 2022 - In-Person and Live Online 4-6 day courses

    DFIR NetWars

    Apr. 7-8
    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm BST

    Complimentary with Live Online April 2022 Volume 1, SANS London April 2022, SANS Oslo March 2022, SANS Riyadh March 2022 4-6 day courses

    Core, DFIR, GRID NetwarsMay 8-9

    6:30pm - 10:15pm EST

    Complimentary with SANS Security West 2022 - In-Person and Live Online 4-6 day courses
    Core NetwarsJun. 7-8

    6:30pm - 9:30pm EST

    Complimentary at RSA Conference 2022


    NetWars is challenging for all levels of expertise, has great hints if you get stuck, and promotes continuous education.
    Jon-Michael Lacek
    - Wegmans Food Markets
    Core NetWars was challenging but not frustrating for newbies. This is my first time doing NetWars and it has been a blast.
    Rachael Murray
    - Northwestern Mutual
    Having participated in NetWars Continuous and in the NetWars Tournament, I can honestly say that they were the most intellectually challenging and enjoyable tests of technical skills in which I have participated.
    Kees Leune
    - Adelphi University