STAR Live Streaming Series

Hosted by Katie Nickels


The SANS Threat Analysis Rundown (STAR) is a live streaming series that gives you essential insights into today's cyber threats. Hosted by SANS Certified Instructor Katie Nickels, STAR highlights different voices from the threat intelligence community, keeping you up to date with the latest developments and expert analysis in the world of cybersecurity.

Every day, analysts work tirelessly to monitor adversaries and protect our network defenses, but keeping up with everything can be overwhelming. STAR brings you insights directly from those on the front lines, breaking down critical information into actionable steps for your organization. Each month, we'll dive into different focus areas-sometimes zeroing in on specific adversaries or malware, other times offering a broader view of industry-targeted threats.

This SANS livestream series focuses on:

  • Providing actionable insights on current threats
  • Uniting diverse perspectives from the threat intelligence community
  • Highlighting expert opinions from those who track threats daily

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Important Developments in Ransomware Trends and Exploitation of Major Vulnerabilities

Archived Sessions

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    Presenter Bio

    Katie Nickels

    Katie is a SANS instructor for FOR578: Cyber Threat Intelligence and a Principal Intelligence Analyst for Red Canary. She has worked on cyber threat intelligence (CTI), network defense, and incident response for nearly a decade for the DoD, MITRE, Raytheon, and ManTech. Katie hails from a liberal arts background with degrees from Smith College and Georgetown University, embracing the power of applying liberal arts prowess to cybersecurity. With more than a dozen publications to her name, Katie has shared her expertise with presentations at BSidesLV, the FIRST CTI Symposium, multiple SANS Summits, Sp4rkcon, and many other events. Katie is also a member of the SANS CTI Summit and Threat Hunting Summit Advisory Boards. She was the 2018 recipient of the President's Award from the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu and serves as the Program Manager for the Cyberjutsu Girls Academy, which seeks to inspire young women to learn more about STEM. You can find Katie on Twitter @LiketheCoins