SANS Workshops

Dive into material and get hands-on experience with tools and techniques that you can apply immediately with these FREE workshops led by SANS Faculty.

Free Upcoming SANS Workshops

In these workshops you will:

  • Learn Hands-on Skills that you can use immediately
  • Go In-Depth into the latest technology
  • Interact with other attendees
  • Get access to SANS top Instructors

The upcoming workshops are listed out below and will feature live stream instruction, subject matter expert support, immersive hands-on labs and student to student interactive Slack workspace similar to our Live Online environment.

Due to the nature of these workshops, many have a capacity limit and may not be made available for archive. To help us offer this opportunity to as many people as possible, we are asking that you please only register if you plan to attend live. Archived workshops will be available for self-guided viewing after the workshop has ended.

"I am an introductory learner and this would have helped me TREMENDOUSLY with a job interview I just failed because I hadn't worked with managing security for S3 buckets in application. Great (and free) training. Some of the best types of workshops I've attended. Will be coming back for more; even if I don't know what I'm getting myself into." - Avoiding Data Disasters attendee

Upcoming Workshop(s)

Advanced Forensics Workshop: Handling AI and Unsupported Apps in Smartphone InvestigationsHeather Mahalik Barnhart, Domenica CrognaleWednesday, 10 Jul 2024 10:00AM EDT (14:00 UTC)

Our workshop is designed to equip participants with practical skills and insights derived from the FOR585: Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth course, with a focus on tackling AI and unsupported applications.

Data Carving: Recovering Hidden Files from Digital GraveyardsKathryn HedleyFriday, 12 July 2024
1:00pm EDT (1700 UTC)

Don't believe the ‘delete’ button! This workshop equips you with the power of data recovery. We'll delve into allocated and unallocated clusters and file slack, the hidden compartments where deleted data can reside.

Decoding Time: Understanding Endianness and Timestamp FormatsKathryn HedleyThursday, 23 July 2024 1:00pm EDT (1700 UTC)

In this workshop we'll unveil the mysteries behind how data is ordered (big or little endian) and how timestamps are stored and interpreted across different systems and applications.

Aviata Cloud Solo Flight Challenge Chapter 4 - Attack and Detect Kubernetes: Aerial Combat TrainingShaun McCulloughThursday, 25 July 2024
10:00am EDT (1500 UTC)

Experience this immersive, hands-on workshop where you'll attack a Kubernetes cluster before using AWS's EKS to detect and investigate your own breach. Don’t miss your chance to learn these skills live!

Advanced Python Automation Hands-On WorkshopMark BaggettWednesday, 31 July 2024 10:00 am EDT (1500 UTC)

This hands-on workshop delves into advanced Python automation techniques. Skip the lengthy introductions and dive straight into practical content, perfect for those looking to enhance their Python skills in a Linux environment.

Cryptographic Signatures: To Sign or Not To Sign...That Is the QuestionBryan SimonThursday, 1 August 2024
1:00pm EST (1700 UTC)
Explore the cryptographic foundations and diverse applications of digital signatures, from common uses like digitally signed emails to advanced implementations like DKM.
Hands-on Digital Forensics: Exploring Evidence with Mounted ImagesKathryn HedleyFriday, 2 August 2024
1:00pm EDT (1700 UTC)

This hands-on workshop equips you with a key skill in digital forensics: mounting and exploring forensic disk images. Uncover the secrets hidden within digital evidence!

Demystifying Base64: A Detailed Beginner's Guide to Encoding and DecodingKathryn HedleyTuesday, 13 August 2024
1:00pm EDT (1700 UTC)

Those bizarre strings of letters and numbers you encounter during investigations? They might just be Base64 in disguise!

Aviata Cloud Solo Flight Challenge Chapter 5: Centralizing Cross Cloud Security EventsEric JohnsonThursday, 29 August 2024 10:00am EDT (1500 UTC)Help Captain Maverick and the Aviata team soar to new heights by redesigning their Kubernetes logging architecture for centralized monitoring, detection, and alerts in Microsoft Sentinel.

Details and registration for future workshops will be added as they become available.

Keep offering this useful and informative free workshops hosted by experienced speakers! Loved it.
Protecting Cloud Assets and Improving Security, attendee
I liked the explanations portions where Ryan would explain common scenarios.
Building Detections in Azure, attendee
Great workshop, love the hands-on experience.
Building Detections in AWS, attendee