Vulnerability Management - Finding Context

  • Wednesday, 20 Jul 2022 3:00PM EDT (20 Jul 2022 19:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Jonathan Risto

Do you ever run into problems with your vulnerability management program that you wished you had at your fingertips just one more little piece of information? To help conduct some prioritization, or to know who the business owner is, or to inform people this was an end of life system… All valuable and great to have readily available. But alas, we often are missing information, or it is not easy to access.

Join Jonathan (LDR516 co-author and SANS certified Instructor) as he starts this 3 part series on vulnerability management and will discuss contextual information, and how to get access to it. From asset inventory to ownership details to threat intelligence to tags on systems, he will outline how to get access to this critical information to be able to use within your vulnerability management program.

Part 2: Leveraging Context

Part 3: Is the Program Effective?