Prevent, Detect, Respond: An Intro to Google Workspace Security and Incident Response

As a less widely used platform compared to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace is often neglected when it comes to the topic security and incident response in cloud application suites. With millions of businesses subscribed, however, there are plenty of organizations at risk for a cyber security incident involving the platform. This talk will delve into the most common attacks targeting Google Workspace and how organizations can prevent such attacks and, if prevention fails, detect, and respond to any malicious activity. Looking at these phases of the NIST cybersecurity framework and how they translate to the Google Workspace threat landscape will prepare practitioners to reduce the threats facing their organization and respond to attacks.

About the Speaker

Megan Roddie is currently working as a Senior Security Engineer at IBM. Along with her work at IBM, she works with the SANS Institute as a co-author of FOR509, presents regularly at security conferences, and serves as CFO of Mental Health Hackers. Megan has two master’s degrees, one in Digital Forensics and the other in Information Security Engineering, along with many industry certifications in a wide range of specialties.