Making the Return to Work Secure, Resilient, and Productive

At the start of the pandemic-there was a rush to support 100% work-from-home-operations, SANS presented the highly viewed “Making and Keeping Work at Home Operations Safe and Productive” webcast and put together a free Security Awareness Work-from-Home Deployment Kit that provided a step-by-step plan to quickly execute an awareness initiative and other key steps to secure remote workforces.

Now, enterprises need to securely handle the return of the workforce to physical offices, either as part of complete return or more commonly hybrid remote/local workplaces. For most, this will not simply be going back to the way security operations were in 2019. The world and the threats have changed. John Pescatore, Director of Emerging Security Trends at SANS, Lance Spitzner, SANS Senior Instructor, and Randy Marchany, SANS Senior Instructor and CISO of Virginia Tech will present the interactive webinar “Making the Return to Work Secure, Resilient, and Productive.”

This webinar includes how-to talks and examples to enable attendees to maintain and increase the security of existing remote work approaches, secure emerging efforts, and focus on an approach that allows for the enhancement and reuse of remote work capabilities as the world emerges from the impact of the pandemic.

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