Rekt Casino Hack Assessment Transformational Series Pulling It All Together Part 4 of 4

  • Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021 11:59AM EST (24 Feb 2021 16:59 UTC)
  • Speakers: Lance Spitzner, Kevin Garvey, Joe Sullivan

In this Part 4 of 4 webcast, we will summarize the Rekt Casino Hack Assessment Transformational Series with a panel discussion among previous speakers. They will pull together the importance of a holistic approach to transformational cybersecurity leadership, discussing how a comprehensive approach aligns together for the better good of an organization. We will introduce the concept of a Transformational Cybersecurity Leader. In addition to covering these questions and concepts, the speakers are available to answer specific questions regarding the entire Rekt Casino Hack Assessment Series or questions related to your own experiences. '

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