Leveraging Organizational Change to Build a Strong Security Culture

  • Friday, 19 Jun 2020 10:30AM EDT (19 Jun 2020 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Lance Spitzner

Cybersecurity is no longer just about technology it is ultimately about organizational change. Organizational change in not only how people think about security but what they prioritize and how they act, from the Board of Directors on down. Learn how to become a far more effective security leader by leveraging the principles of organizational change and embed security throughout your workforce. Key things you will learn include

  • - How we are driving attackers to target humans
  • - Why so many security initiatives fail at the human level
  • - What is a strong security culture and the two key elements to creating one
  • - How Newton's 1st law, Homer Simpson and Spock are all keys to unlocking the secret to a secure culture