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NetWars: GRID NetWars

Grid NetWars is a suite of hands-on, interactive learning scenarios that enable Operational Technology security professionals to develop and master the real-world, in-depth skills they need to defend real-time systems. It is designed as a challenge competition and is split into separate levels so that advanced players may quickly move through earlier levels based on their expertise. The Grid Netwars experience has been themed for the electricity industry and the scenario has been coordinated to align with the E-ISAC GridEx IV event occurring in 2017; however, participation in GridEx IV is not required to participate in Grid NetWars event.

"The hands-on skills and testing the class provided were perfect for identifying what knowledge I lacked and what I truly knew and understood." - Grid NetWars 2017 participant

GRID NetWars Scenario

The fictional US based Alset Energy company owns and operates electric generation, transmission and distribution assets. The company takes pride in its active participation in NERC compliance and standards drafting activities, its information sharing with the industry, and its overall cybersecurity posture. Recently, however, Alset Energy has experienced numerous unexplained system failures and concern is growing over the effectiveness of their cybersecurity program. Participants will initially be tasks with understanding the environment and determining what is occurring. Then it's game on when participants become the Red Team establishing access and expanding a foothold in a neighboring (also fictional) utility!

"Very hands on quality content, exposure to material I wouldn't otherwise encounter." - Grid NetWars 2017 participant

Level 1

  • In level 1 participants utilize publicly available information to understand Alset Energy including it's NERC registered functions and regulatory obligations. It also tests for understanding of ICS network architectures, use of public information sources, basic firewall rules, and much, much more!

Level 2

  • Level 2 utilizes a SANS provided Kali Linux VM which also happens to be a cyber asset in the environment. Utilizing the VM and artifacts left behind by the adversary, participants are challenged to figure out the extent of the compromise.

Level 3

  • In level 3, participants switch roles and become the Red Team targeting another fictional utility. Participants must learn the target environment and successfully navigate multiple levels of network architecture to capture the flags and successfully answer the questions.

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