SANS Services Cup

At SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2023 Washington D.C. | December 14 & 15


The 8th Annual SANS Services Cup

The SANS Services Cup is a unique event that occurs during the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2023, tailored exclusively to members of the United States Department of Defense. The winning team of this championship qualifies to compete in the 2024 International Services Cup!

DoD Soldier Computer

Meet This Year's Teams

A Five-member Team from Each of the Following Branches is Invited to Represent Their Service
  • US Air Force
  • US Air Force Reserve
  • US Army
  • US Army Reserve
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Marine Corps
  • US Marine Corps Reserve
  • US National Guard
  • US Navy
  • US Navy Reserve
  • US Space Force

2023 Services Cup CTF

SANS is excited to present an immersive and challenging range for the 2023 Services Cup competition. The 2023 Services Cup CTF simulates real-world cyber threats and scenarios, providing participants with hands-on experience in various domains of cybersecurity including: reverse engineering, cryptography, web exploitation, forensics, and even a splash of exploit development. SANS encourages eligible U.S. military service branches to take advantage of this unique opportunity to validate their skills and learn new techniques in a competitive, gamified environment.

Ranges US Services Cup

SANS Services Cup Agenda

Event Location: Washington Hilton
Event Address: 1919 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C. 20009
Phone: 202-483-3000

December 14th, Thursday:

1715 - 1730: Room opens for participants to claim tables and setup laptops*

1730 - 1845: VIP Reception

1845 - 2130: Night 1 of Competition

*Be respectful to students departing the classroom.

December 15th, Friday:

1800 - 1830: Room opens for participants to claim tables and setup laptops

1830 - 2130: Night 2 of Competition

2130 - 2200: Award Ceremony

A representative from SANS will reach out to team leaders with more information.

The Services Cup Legacy

Join Us In Celebrating The Sans Services Cup Past Winning Team

YearUnited States DoD BranchTeam's NameCyber Range
2022National GuardCtf4antzCyber Defense NetWars
2021National GuardCtf4antzCyber Defense NetWars
2020National GuardCtf4antzCyber Defense NetWars
2019US Air Forceed_skoudisCastle vs Castle NetWars
2018US Air Force67th Cyberspace WingCastle vs Castle NetWars
2017US Army-Core NetWars 5.0
2016US Air Force-Core NetWars 4.0

Cyber Security Training at SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® Washington DC 2023

Guests who would like to add a SANS training course to their Tournament may visit the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2023 website to register.