You Can Write an Infosec Book!

  • Monday, 15 Jun 2020 1:00PM EDT (15 Jun 2020 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Ted Demopoulos

Reportedly, 81 percent of people want to write a book, and that number may be even higher in infosec as the field is rapidly evolving. And although almost any of us can, very few will.

In this talk we cover how to write a book, what to write about, options to get it published, and how to get people to read it so that it matters.

We destroy the many myths of writing a book such as you need to be a good writer to write a good book, you need to be a mind blowing expert, and you need to sell a lot of copies to make an impact.

Writing a book is an incredibly rewarding experience. You can write a book. It is not that hard! If Ted Demopoulos, who historically was a horrible writer and always hated it, has written several, then you can, too.

Topics include:

  • ' Why write a book?
  • ' What to write about the book's topic
  • ' The writing process and simple writing hacks
  • ' The 'Book Proposal\ - why you want one even if you self-publish
  • ' Publishing options today
  • ' Getting people to read the book
  • ' Maximizing your books impact and success