Top 5 ICS Incident Response Tabletops and How to Run Them

  • Wednesday, 02 Jun 2021 3:30PM EDT (02 Jun 2021 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dean Parsons

How is your ICS cyber incident response preparedness? Resilience against Ransomware that could impact safety and operations? Ability to detect APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) using modern attack methodologies against your critical infrastructure? Regular Incident Response (IR) tabletop exercises are part of a mature ICS Security Program and works to identify strong and weak points in ICS defense efforts. The scenarios designed to test ICS defense capabilities and cyber preparedness are critical.

In this webcast, Dean Parsons will discuss 5 tabletop scenarios based on recent attack campaigns seen across multiple ICS sectors. You will be walked through each tabletop scenario and illustrate key takeaways for practical ICS defense, while highlighting several critical ICS assets that could be commonly targeted and should be highly monitored and protected. The scenarios range from: Living off the ICS land, Ransomware impacting IT and ICS operations, to physical-cyber two-stage attacks.