Discover the NEW ICS Cybersecurity Field Manual – Vol. 2

  • Monday, 23 Jan 2023 2:00PM EST (23 Jan 2023 19:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dean Parsons

The ICS Cybersecurity Field manuals cover what these systems are used for, how we rely on them, how they are attacked, and practical ways to defend and protect our critical infrastructure.

The series comprises several volumes, each focusing on a different aspect of ICS and security defense for control environments. Continuing from the ICS Cybersecurity Field Manual Vol 1, this next instalment The ICS Cybersecurity Field Manual – Vol. 2 — gets more tactical in the areas of active ICS defense, control system visibility, asset identification and network threat detection, with long-lasting reference materials and outlines a training path for you and the teams for Active ICS Cyber Defense.

In this webcast, join SANS Certified Instructor and author of the ICS Cybersecurity Field Manual, Dean Parsons, for an overview of what this the NEW volume two provides beginners to ICS/OT Cybersecurity. Dean will cover why this and future manuals are needed for both IT and OT security practitioners, while expanding on why it is important to obtain ICS network visibility and conduct ICS specifc technical network threat detection for the further protection of critical infrastructure.

Download the ICS Cybersecurity Field Manual Vol. 2 Here