The City of the Future: Smart with Secure Infrastructure

With the thousands of smart city projects underway worldwide, technology leaders, city managers, and governments have implemented, or are planning to implement, smart city solutions to enable the city of the future. Smart cities collect and process massive amounts of data from a multitude of connected Information Technology (IT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors from across the urban cityscape. They work to conserve resources, reduce costs, and improve the quality of life for its citizenry and visitors.

Urban critical services are being monitored and automated for action in near real-time. Such services include:

  • intelligence traffic lights regulating and prioritizing transportation of emergency vehicles
  • smart parking assistance sensors
  • real-time air quality control monitoring
  • streamlined waste monitoring and collection
  • public transportation systems enhancements
  • crowd and occupancy level monitoring
  • smart power consumption

This hyperconnectivity of IT and Internet of IoT devices, real-world smart sensors, and the data they collect, have created cybersecurity challenges that leave systems and services that people depend on vulnerable to an increasing cyber-attack threat pool.

In this webcast, learn how the city of the future can be both smart and secure.

Access the Associated White Paper here.