SIEM, Security Intelligence and the Critical Security Controls

  • Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014 1:00PM EDT (23 Apr 2014 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dave Shackleford

SIEM, Security Intelligence and the Critical Security Controls

The need to provide better detection and response against attacks is greaterthan ever. At the same time, security organizations struggle to providecomplete coverage of security monitoring within their environments. Over thelast several years, more and more teams have adopted the Critical SecurityControls as a framework for their security program. SANS had the opportunityto review numerous features of LogRhythm's SIEM/security intelligenceplatform with an eye toward meeting many of the most valuable criticalcontrols within the framework. In this webcast, we'll cover the controlsthat we looked at, the features LogRhythm brings to the table, and how theycan help security teams not only meet control requirements but improve thestate of monitoring and response.

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