SANS 2022 Multicloud Survey: Exploring the World of Multicloud

SANS research has shown that more organizations are using multiple cloud providers. Multicloud adoption can be driven by a variety of factors, such as competitive differentiation, mergers and acquisitions, and more. This event explores various results from the SANS 2022 Multicloud Survey, including multicloud adoption trends, how adoption decisions are made, and—most importantly—what cybersecurity teams are doing to cope with the onslaught of challenges brought about by so much change, complexity, and variation in the cloud services marketplace.

Topics will include:

• Quantifying the adoption rate of specific cloud services such as virtual machines, containers, serverless, and cloud storage while assessing if this growth is managed from a security perspective

• Exploring the adoption rate and effectiveness of various cloud-native and third-party security tools, technologies, and services

• Examining newer cloud technologies and determining the security team’s readiness and ability to secure these technologies

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