Hands-On Workshop: Docker Crash Course: How to Containerize Your Favorite Security Tools

This two-hour workshop will introduce the student to Docker containers and images. During the workshop, we will create an image that contains the Command Line Interfaces for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud as our example, but the same process would be followed for any Linux-based command line tool. During the session, we will build, test, and troubleshoot the creation of the Dockerfile and publish the image to Docker Hub. Next, we will set up Github integration so that any changes that we push to the main branch will cause a new image to be built on Ducker Hub. Lastly, we will demonstrate a container image scanning, a feature that requires a paid subscription to Docker.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn basic Docker commands
  • Understand how to create a container image based on a Dockerfile
  • Learn how to push the container image to a remote repository
  • Access container images for vulnerabilities
  • Enable Github integration to automate the build process

Pre-req knowledge: Basic familiarity with Linux commands

System Requirements:

  • Modern, current web browser
  • Ubuntu Linux (this may be a cloud/local virtual machine, Ubuntu running as Windows Subsystem For Lunix (WSL))
  • We will only be using the Linux terminal for this course and a Web Browser
  • During the workshop, we will create an account on Docker Hub and GitHub (If the student has an existing account, that will be fine as well.)
  • There is no cost associated with either Docker or Github unless the student wants to choose a premium account, but that is not necessary for the workshop.