2023 Survey Event | Multicloud: Navigating the Complexities of Multiple Clouds

According to market data, more businesses than ever before are utilizing several cloud service providers. The first SANS Multicloud Survey, performed in 2022, indicated that the forces behind the tendency to adopt multiple cloud solutions was driven by a variety of factors, including mergers and acquisitions and concerns around ensuring business continuity. It is also clear that the major cloud service providers continue to innovate and differentiate their services in the face of intense competition.

This study takes a fresh look at multicloud adoption trends, in the face of a looming recession, tech layoffs, and the excitement about the advancements of artificial technologies.

Topics to be explored include:

  • Measuring the rate of adoption of specific cloud services such as virtual machines, containers, serverless, and cloud storage, as well as determining how well this growth is managed from a security standpoint.
  • Assessing the capacity and readiness of the security team to protect data stored in these technologies.
  • Investigating the adoption rate and efficacy of various third-party and cloud-native security tools, technologies, and services.

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