Not in My Cloud: Detect Malicious Activity Immediately

Bad actors don’t knock on the front door. They find a way into your infrastructure whether through your supply chain, a misconfiguration, impersonating a user with stolen credentials, a zero-day exploit or other advanced techniques that we may not have seen yet. It is important to make sure that preventative measures are in place and following best practices, but you also need to be ready to detect attacks and take actions.

Join SANS analyst, Dave Shackelford, Eric Lugo, Principal Product Manager at Sysdig, and Daniella Pontes Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Sysdig as they discuss: 

  • The current threat landscape and impact of not having a detection and response strategy
  • Responsibilities of a shared security model
  • The importance of keeping track of user activity and context 
  • How to detect breaches and stop attacks with a unified view of the workload, cloud and user activity