Cyber42 Game Day: Security Culture

Industry-relevant and innovative, Cyber42 is the ultimate continuous tabletop simulation for developing your cybersecurity leadership skills in a fun and collaborative environment. In this abbreviated Game Day version, individuals play to improve the state of security culture in a fictional organization.

The impact of your cybersecurity program is no longer just about technology, rather organizational change. To have this level of influence, you must strive to change how people think about cybersecurity in what they prioritize and how they act. Not only does it help to create a far more secure workforce, but it also helps to ensure your security initiatives are more successful when you have buy-in from the entire organization. Your goal is not to change your organization’s existing culture but to embed security into the existing culture.

Topics Covered

  • How to define culture, really?
  • Indicators of a strong security culture
  • How to assess your security culture
  • How to embed a strong security culture in your organization
  • Resources you can now use to improve your security culture

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Information Security Officers
  • Chief Risk Officers/Risk Management Leaders
  • Security Awareness/Engagement Managers
  • Information Security Officers, Managers, and Directors
  • Aspiring Information Security Leaders
  • Privacy/Ethics Officers