Consulting on The Side: Top Ten Questions Answered!

  • Tuesday, 14 Apr 2020 3:30PM EDT (14 Apr 2020 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Ted Demopoulos

Can you keep your job and start consulting on the side in addition to your regular job? Certainly, many people do.

With a surprising number of jobs it is not only possible, but sometimes your employer may actually encourage it. Other times your employer may be more restrictive yet there are often still plenty of possibilities. This can be straightforward or more complex.

Infosec consulting is a 16 billion dollar industry and growing & there are lots of opportunities. If you are interested, consulting on the side can be a way to try your hand at independent consulting without the risk of leaving fulltime employment.

In this webcast Ted Demopoulos answers the top ten+ questions on consulting on the side he has gotten many times in his Successful Infosec Consulting Class, his 30 years of consulting, conference talks, webcasts, and multiple online surveys on consulting.

Examples of people like you who have been there and are consulting today are included!

Questions and answers include:

  • Will my employer let me?
  • What about possible conflict of interest?
  • Can starting anything on the side really be worthwhile? (the answer is yes and there will be examples)
  • How do I make myself look like the great and hirable person I hope I am to potential clients?
  • I am interested (or I 'm not interested) in perusing consulting full time ' is this for me?
  • What is the easiest way to find clients?