How to Communicate about Security Vulnerabilities

  • Thursday, 16 Jan 2020 3:30PM EST (16 Jan 2020 20:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Jonathan Risto

Most organizations know they have problems within their environments. 'Yet week after week, month after month, we end up with the same items being found, and remediation work not completed. 'At times we feel like we are herding cats (conducting a lot of work with minimal fruitful results). '

The challenge is that we are often causing our own failures, not by what we are asking our operation partners to do, but how we are communicating with them. 'Overloading our partners with what is often perceived as a set of non-achievable tasks to complete only sets us up for failure. In this webcast I will contrast different communication methods, highlighting what works and why they are effective in dealing with the different target audiences (executives, management and peers).