Breaking the Myths of ICS Defense: The Truth about Defending OT/ICS Critical Infrastructure

IT Security is Not ICS/OT Security. Their missions, skills required, processes, technology, incident response and impacts, in wake of a cyber-attack, are different. Cyberattacks on control system networks have impacted engineering operations in large manufacturing plants, critical infrastructure sites in the electric sector, utilities across water treatment facilities, and even fuel storage and distributors pipelines. The adversaries’ brazen approach to targeting ICS/OT facilities with impact are likely to continue unless suitable defenses are deployed, and ICS specific programs are matured. To dispel some of myths in the control system community, OTORIO and Arrow Electronics highlight some of the common ICS/OT defense misconceptions, and what you need to know about the evolving field of ICS cybersecurity, to support the safety and reliability of critical control engineering systems, and critical infrastructure that power our daily lives.