Analyzing Malicious Behavior Effectively with ExtraHop Reveal(x)

  • Tuesday, 08 Dec 2020 2:00PM EST (08 Dec 2020 19:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dave Shackleford

In the past decade, the information security industry has learned a lot about what attackers do during campaigns against targets. While we don't always understand motivation behind the attacks, most attacker goals are focused on data access and exfiltration of sensitive data. Sophisticated attackers often use advanced malware-based espionage that can aggressively pursue and compromise specific targets. Once a compromise has occurred, attackers attempt to maintain a persistent presence within the victim's network, escalate privileges, and move laterally within the victim's network to extract sensitive information to locations under the attacker's control.

Enterprise security teams have struggled to keep pace with attacker tactics and techniques, and many of the security tools we've relied on have not kept up with new methods of ingress, data access, and exfiltration, either.'security teams are facing pressure to detect attacks and respond to them more rapidly, which is difficult when trying to find evidence of lateral movement, reconnaissance, privilege escalation, and other stealthy behavior. Compounding this is a lack of critical skills in security operations, and we 're relying on busy, short-staffed teams to do more all the time. To enable more junior analysts to more readily and effectively contribute, the primary security detection and response platforms organizations use will need to be much more intuitive and capable.

ExtraHop's Reveal(x) security analytics product, provides security analysts with a platform that can rapidly analyze huge quantities of data without acquiring full network packets. Join us in this webcast to learn from Dave Shackleford and his review of the ExtraHop Reveal(x) product. Being the third time reviewing this product, Dave will share his insights on the many enhancements and new features help intrusion analysis and investigation teams analyze malicious behavior in their environments even more rapidly and effectively.

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