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Industrials & Infrastructure Cybersecurity: Overview

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The SANS Industrials & Infrastructure (I&I) practice supports organizations that have unique information + operational technology (IT/OT) needs by sharing tailored solutions related to team building and training, relevant resources, and partnerships to help advance your cyber security.

By establishing effective cyber security workforce education and development programs that build practical skills and deepen aptitude, critical infrastructure and manufacturing companies can better safeguard their processes, businesses, and customers.

The SANS I&I team possesses years of experience safeguarding oil & gas, chemical, utility, transportation, automotive, biomedical and pharmaceutical, logistics, food and beverage, water, and critical manufacturing environments. They can help you to find solutions to industry challenges like the ever-expanding march of connectivity, combinations of physical and digital systems, and the evolving issues introduced by the convergence of the IT and OT domains.

Industry-Specific Training Roadmaps

The following is an introductory list of I&I resources and events:





SANS partners with the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI) to help bring world-leading cyber security training, certification, product and system compliance solutions to the broad industrial automation and control system community. ISCI, via its accredited ISASecure™ conformity program shares a common mission with SANS to help industries, companies and individuals effectively mitigate contemporary cyber security risks to critical devices and systems that are used to make, move and power our world.

The ISASecure product and system cyber security conformity program helps provide assurance that industrial products, system and those personnel who interact with these systems each comply with the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards-global standards that define a flexible framework that can have a meaningful effect and reduce security vulnerabilities in industrial automation and control systems (IACSs). The standard also necessitates ongoing security knowledge and skills-building to manage ongoing risks associated with IACS.