Top 3 SOAR Use Cases: Tips and Best Practices on How to Get Your Time Back With Automation

  • Tuesday, 06 Dec 2022 1:00PM EST (06 Dec 2022 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Andrea Fumagalli, Michele Zambelli, Senior Director, Engineering, Sumo Logic

In this session, Andrea Fumagalli and Michele Zambelli will explain how to build and optimize the top three SOAR use cases, sharing invaluable tried-and-true technical details for solving your needs.

The fastest security response is not always the right one. However, minimizing response time by prioritizing security incidents, reducing false positives, and quickly investigating alerts is imperative for successful cyber defense. Nonetheless, making the best data-driven decision is a challenge for many organizations and MSSPs today.

SOAR does not replace humans but augments them, reducing analyst fatigue and taking full advantage of automation by orchestrating different tools into standard operating procedures (SOPs).