Stop Really Nasty Malware, Pre- and Post-Execution: A SANS Review of the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform

  • Thursday, 22 Mar 2018 1:00PM EST (22 Mar 2018 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Dave Shackleford

Sophisticated malware is the new weapon of choice for criminals and nation states. The threat landscape is evolving faster than cybersecurity products can update, and modern malware is able to bypass current solutions in the market. Techniques are advancing, vulnerabilities keep multiplying, it takes on average 140 days for a team to implement patches, and average dwell time for a team to respond to a security incident is 86 days. The evolution of threats such as file-less malware, ransomware, zero days and advanced malware, combined with security tools getting bypassed, poses an extensional risk to enterprises.

A multilayered self-defending security solution, agnostic to operating systems, mitigating malware in real-time, enabling pre- and post-execution, are all capabilities needed to effectively defend against cyber attacks. '

enSilo purports to be unique as an endpoint security platform providing real-time post-execution protection and pre-execution prevention, stopping malware from infecting devices. The platform offers the ability to detect, mitigate and contain infections on a device that already has been infected.

We enlisted senior SANS instructor and analyst Dave Shackleford to test enSilo's response against advanced malware and ransomware threats and to explore how enSilo's features can alleviate burden on security staff.

In this webcast, Dave Shackleford will discuss his experience reviewing enSilo as he tested the product's capabilities to deliver pre and post execution protection, as well as how it performed at real-time response.

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