SANS Workshop – Reflection in C#

During your infosec career you have probably come across the term “reflection” at one point or another. “reflective dll injection”, “reflective loading”, …

In this workshop led by Jean-François Maes you will learn how to leverage the power of C# and it’s built in reflection capabilities! You will create a loader with basic functionality then keep expanding upon it for multiple iterations. In the end, you will have learned how to create a full-fledged loader that can fetch and load multiple programs, handle unexpected error 404’s and more! Interested? Don’t hesitate to join in!

Messaging during the workshop will be in the SANS Offensive Ops Discord here:

Prerequisites: Having a bit of coding experience is recommended, however, you do not need specific knowledge of C#. We will go step by step and explain each and every step so it is understandable to everyone.

Prior to the workshop, please download and install Lab 0 with the following instructions:

System Requirements: You will need access to a computer with dotnetframework and visualstudio 2019 installed.