SANS Rocky Mountain Fall 2022: Keynote - Can you really be more secure in the cloud?

More than ever, companies are using more of the cloud. They are using more different services from each cloud service provider and more cloud service providers than ever before. However, this migration to the cloud is fraught with peril. The media is full of examples of companies who got it wrong. The default configuration of most cloud services is insecure, primarily to empower exploration by new users. Before an organization can responsibly store sensitive data in the cloud, it must ensure the environment is adequately secured. Can the cloud be made secure enough? Where does one start with this herculean task? At SANS, we believe that you can, indeed, be more secure in the cloud. This keynote presentation will cover some of the foundational practices woven into the SANS Cloud Curriculum that leading companies have leveraged to provide a very high level of security assurance. We will cover how to get started on this cloud security journey and then how to take it out of the stratosphere.

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