Are You Ready for Threat Intelligence? Behind the Scenes with FOR578

  • Wednesday, 06 Jan 2016 12:00PM EST (06 Jan 2016 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Robert M. Lee, Mike Cloppert

This webcast will discuss SANS' new FOR578 - Cyber Threat Intelligence course with the two co-authors Mike Cloppert and Robert M. Lee. The presentation will help people understand if they are ready for threat intelligence, how it can be useful in their environments, and what students can expect from taking the class. Webcast participants will learn about the direction of the class, what is covered in terms of content and labs, what useful prerequisites should be sought, and about the value of threat intelligence training. Additionally, lessons learned from student and instructor interactions will be discussed to educate on the challenges posed to the threat intelligence community today. SANS FOR578 is one of the most anticipated new SANS classes available and attending this webcast will help you determine if you are ready to join the list of alumni.\

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