Post-Breach Impact: A Cost Compendium

  • Thursday, 19 Nov 2015 1:00PM EST (19 Nov 2015 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Barbara Filkins, Johannes Hoech, Gabriel Gumbs

Post-breach costs from incidents that leak sensitive data range from very expensive to pennies per breach in the luckiest of cases, according to this new SANS survey that examines ongoing costs following a breach. Based on interviews with a number of breached organizations complemented by online survey results, this innovative new survey examines post-breach costs across several key industry segments including finance, health care, education, government and retail.

The results of this survey are intended to help organizations minimize post-breach financial exposure. Attend this webcast and learn the following from those who've been breached:

  • How to prioritize resources to avoid the most costly consequences of a breach (Hint: Most of it has to do with how sensitive data is handled and protected)
  • The most expensive types of breach activities to recover from
  • What influences the cost of a breach response
  • How to improve organizational readiness for a breach
  • How drivers and motivations of attackers impact breach preparedness

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