Going Phishing?

  • Wednesday, 11 Feb 2015 9:00PM EDT (12 Feb 2015 02:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Lance Spitzner

One of the most effective ways to mitigate phishing attacks is to train and measure employees through phishing assessments. Many organisations have a simulated phishing program, but how many can claim to be truly effective? Poorly designed phishing assessments do little to mitigate risk, and worse, they often lead to disgruntled employees and disengaged managers. In contrast, a well-executed program can significantly reduce risk and become an effective tool to win management support for broader security initiatives.

This presentation, the first in our 2015 APAC Webcast series, covers step-by-step how to build, maintain and measure an effective long-term phishing program. Lance Spitzner, Training Director at the SANS Securing the Human program and passionate security awareness professional, will share his experiences and lessons learned working with hundreds of organizations. This webcast is perfect for those in charge of designing and implementing security awareness or phishing programs, or anyone else with an interest in pentesting the HumanOS.