Network Security in the Cloud

  • Wednesday, 30 Jun 2021 10:30AM EDT (30 Jun 2021 14:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Joe Malenfant

This survey builds on the SANS 2021 Cloud Security Survey, with an emphasis on how cloud security has changed the enterprise infrastructure with the COVID-19 pandemic and an increasingly remote workforce. Key questions examined in the survey include:

  • Is the cloud now considered part of the enterprise network? Specifically, SANS is looking for increased use of third-party cloud solutions.
  • How are organizations using network traffic/metadata for detection and response?
  • Are organizations now thinking cloud is an integral part of their network? And how has that changed their approach to infrastructure security?

In this webcast, SANS analyst and survey author Dave Shackleford will join sponsor speakers to discuss the survey results.