A Month of PowerShell – Kickoff Webcast!

PowerShell is a powerful tool for defenders and attackers alike, available for Windows and Linux systems. But what does it take to get immersed in PowerShell, to make it your everyday shell? Is PowerShell something that can really replace Bash, Zsh, and CMD for the demanding needs of cyber security analysts?

Join Joshua Wright and Mick Douglas as they kick off an experiment and a challenge: a month of PowerShell. Josh and Mick will pledge to change their default shells to PowerShell for a month, writing up their experiences in what they learn, the tips and tricks they come across along the way, and their experiences in how PowerShell can be used to empower incident response and defensive operations. Josh and Mick will designate charities to preserve a self-imposed PowerShell-only rule, committing to make donations for any deviation from PowerShell use for their daily work and activities.

Links to all articles will be add to Month of PowerShell: 5 Tips for Getting Started with PowerShell. Resources available now!

Watch the Closing Webcast here.