A Month of PowerShell – Closing Webcast!

For the month of July, I (Josh Wright) committed to using PowerShell for all of my computing needs. For simple tasks, like managing files, and for complex tasks, such as conducting detailed threat-hunting across tens of thousands of workstations. In the process, I learned a lot about what is great, and what is not-so-great about PowerShell. I wrote over 30 articles about PowerShell tips, techniques, and opportunities for cyber security analysis. In this closing webcast, I'll sit down with my friend and expert cyber analyst Jon Gorenflo to look at the good and the bad of embracing a month of PowerShell, and talk about what comes next.

For a list of all #MonthOfPowerShell articles, see the bottom of my first article: Month of PowerShell: 5 Tips for Getting Started with PowerShell

Watch the KickOff Webcast here.