How to Leverage The Critical Controls in 2016

  • Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016 1:00PM EST (19 Jan 2016 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Randy Marchany

Today, more than in any other time in our history, it's important to have a security strategy that effectively works to combat pervasive cyber-attacks and threats. Using any old security strategy or tool simply won't work because threats can turn on a dime. Companies that want to stay ahead of threats employ best practices that have consistently worked over time.

Since 2008, the Controls have consistently shown superior results. In this webcast, CISO Randy Marchany of Virginia Tech will discuss the points he addresses in his article, 'the 20 Critical Controls ', and demonstrate how large-small and private-public organizations use them to combat cyber-attacks and threats. He will use real world examples of pain-free ways to show you how to use these measures in your organization. When it comes to implementing a security strategy, don't rely on assumptions or incomplete analysis. Learn how to use a security dashboard that has consistently delivered proven results time and time again. Register today and start the New Year off with the right y strategies and tools for your organization.